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Check out our latest designs, finishes & wood options!

New designs handcrafted to fit your space!

We’ve been all ears! Listening to customer feedback and using that information to create new designs, refine finish options and stock new wood species. All to better serve you and your personal style and aesthetic. Meet the newest members of our furniture line below!

Vanities and Vanity Tops

Floating vanities are one of our number one requests. We heard you and have you covered!

Our 60” modern floating vanity is handcrafted out of reclaimed ash. Reclaimed Ash has a light honey tonality with a beautiful unique grain pattern. (See images 1-5)

Along with our new 60” floating vanity we’ve also added two options for our vanity concrete tops:

1. White Concrete. The white concrete tops are a great option as an alternative quartz or marble. All of our vanity tops can now be selected in white and gray. (See images 5&6)

2. Rectangle Sinks. You can now choose from an oval or rectangle sink(s). The rectangle sinks add a more angular modern look while the oval sinks give a nod to a more traditional look. (See images 7&8)

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Storage & Shelving

Recently, we’ve had lots of inquiries for wall shelves so we added our reclaimed wood shelves with hand welded steel “L” brackets. They come in 5 length options, 3 depth options, and two thickness options. (See images 1-3)

You can also see a great example of our black finish option on our newest media cabinet. We have a refined application process for the black finish that allows the character of the reclaimed wood to still subtly shine through. (See images 4-6)

Lastly, we have two new office shelving options to help you keep organized.

1. Open Industrial Reclaimed Wood Shelves (See images 7&8)

2. Industrial Reclaimed Wood Rolling Cart (See images 8&9)

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Coffee Tables, Stools and More!

What goes into our furniture designs?

  • high quality materials: including reclaimed wood, solid domestic hardwoods, solid steel, and eco-friendly finishes.

  • simple modern designs: each new design is distinct yet understated letting the beauty of the materials stand out.

  • clever storage: whether the open space below our new coffee table (image 1-3) or bar stools pushed under a console table (image 4) or a pullout keyboard tray (images 7-9) we design with functionality in mind.

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-   Platform Bed made with Reclaimed Wood  -

One of the most rewarding things we do as company is design and create custom furniture. This allows us to collaborate with our customers and bring their ideas to life.  Our latest custom platform bed was created for our customer's daughter (lucky girl!). She specifically requested a tall headboard to make a statement in her bedroom. It turned out absolutely beautiful! 


As I was styling and shooting this bed, I couldn't help but wish this were my bedroom! We wanted to create a modern design that still felt welcoming and warm. 

Reclaimed wood bed rendering

Every custom order starts with a few hand sketches for the customer to look at. After a design has been selected we do a final rendering to be approved. This allows the customer to get a 3-dimensional visual before we go into production. With this bed we started with a modern platform base, added the patchwork detail, and trim around the headboard to create a minimalist design. 

Each piece of furniture we create is handcrafted in our workshop outside of Chicago. The reclaimed wood we use is sourced from barns torn down in the Midwest, and we use a voc-free, plant based finish that brings out the natural grain and texture in the wood. 

What do you think of our new design? What would your dream bed look like? Like what you see?! Click HERE to purchase this bed!